Tuesday, June 5, 2018

ENIIPose at Dazzle June Event this 2018

(Pictured here with the Violin Pose, and I added the Flower from another EMIIPose that is available to purchase which will have you lying on the ground around a tree and bike. Awesome!)

Dazzle June Event


 This month I was asked to do a blog on the awesome creator of ENIIPose.

Next to hair collecting in Second Life, my other passion is collecting Poses. 
And you need to get these! What sweet Spring Poses they are!

They have out a few poses to grab (and I would get all them!) as they are all so fun to have! 
Ever wanted to play a violin? Now you can! Or take a picture holding a lovely basket of flowers and a humming bird comes and takes some nectar? You can! 

I was surprised when I put on the last pose I was given to take pictures of and it was not just a simple sweet flower to hold...but it was a BICYCLE & TREE pose along with the Flower, that you can place anywhere on your land that you like! 

How cool is that!

So, as you see through some of my pictures...Come on down to Dazzle and get yourself a few sets of very Spring/Summer like Poses and show some pictures off of yourself in them! I love to see what you create!

"This Item is Exclusive to Dazzle June Event 2018"


Have a Super Summer Everyone!!!




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