Friday, May 11, 2018


This month at DAZZLE we are Charmed to have a sweet designer that does outstanding hair!
I love hair...everyone knows how see my inventory and you will see a TON of hair...from small stores up to the Hair Fairs....To me nothing completes an out like the perfect HAIR.  So when I am asked to blog hair..I go nuts with pictures lol

Charme Hair - Giselle Fatpack
has given us a cute updo with a sweet bun and silky strands flowing down onto our shoulders...just aching to be moved aside by your handsome date.

Giselle Hair is complete with an array of color Huds to complete your outfit....
 blonde, brown, monotones, reds
I would grab the Fat-pack as you then have a huge assortment of colors to choose from!

Hurry down to DAZZLE this month quick and grab this gem before the Event closes!!!

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