Saturday, March 17, 2018

AvaGirl sexy at DAZZLE Event..!

AvaGirl Designs


DAZZLE March Event


"Zebra Revolution"


This was my first time to Blog for AvaGirl Designs. 

And what A delightful treat it was to open up her folder...and find TWO outfits to look at, and decide to which to BLOG....well as you will notice from my pictures...

I could not decide..and did BOTH. 

These outfits are very different in looks and is a fluttery skirt and sweet top with high pumps to walk you along the streets of Second Life into stores and sets you in the mood to SHOP.

The second Outfit is more formed and sleek feeling...the top has a HOOD attached to it, to protect you from the rays of the sizzling sun as you walk through the jungles of Second Life. 

The high boots help from snakes and other low life that may crawl over your the sexy smooth texture of the pants will repel any sticky fingers that may try and grab you that you may not want...but the best part is the Belt or Sash that is around your waist. 

What a lovely simple feature that makes the one time I was wearing it and I felt I was in a Japan movie and gonna fight alone side the great Jackie Chan....!

Where is my Sword!!

Please come over to Dazzle in the last few weeks to grab these items and take yourself into the jungles of Second Life and write you own Masterpiece Story....

*Just think on what you will find..when you search for your Treasure?*


 AVAGIRL- Ash Top and Skirt with Pumps..


AvaGirl - Nakeisha (body) Suit & Boots with Hud


AvaGirl - Nakeisha (body) Suit & Boots with Hud

Boots are one size with Alpha but if you wear a mesh body, use your hud and make your feet invisible...along with the legs.

The Suit comes in sizes... XS - XL with an Alpha for both suit and boots, and or just boots alone.

Model is wearing the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body and has on size Medium...She did a bit tweaking at the chest to fit nicely.

The Hud comes with 3 textures...the zebra stripes go one way or another...then Black...which you can make the top or the pants in either color or textures...check it out, and see what you love most.   Boots come in Black only.

AVAGIRL- Ash Top and Skirt with Pumps..

Top and Skirt.. Both fit the Ebody, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink,  Tonic, (hud is for Top to change only.)

Pumps.. They fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic with Texture Hud




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