Saturday, February 17, 2018



Glint "Heart and Bead Set with HUD"


With February coming to a close....DAZZLE February Event is soon to disappear...and along with it so many great Designers....Esp this sweet Designer GLINT.

GLINT make such lovely jewellery and Hud's that you can never get enough of wearing them. I have had the pleasure to be asked to Blog for them this month personally and I was happy too! look at the many ways to wear these earrings and necklace? Hearts are so lovely, and the different bead combinations along with the chains...there was an endless supply of colors.

I wore a jump bodysuit from Hucci and the blue just jumped out at me when I put on GLINT Hud and set the beads and hearts to the blue with the silver chain combination...It was my fave combination..along with Purple. :D

The Earrings and Necklace are modify and can be sized to fit any neck and chest....along with moving ability. I love Modify jewellery..and with the added Hud to make it fit most any clothing you will wear is Awesome!

If you have not gone to DAZZLE yet this February...RUSH not walk in today and look around and see all the sensational items put out on display...and check and grab these beauties before they are will be disappointed if you miss out on this Event....

Happy Valentine's Day


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