Wednesday, May 3, 2017

*Serendipity* Walking with Style at FASHION DAZZLE!




☣━━━━━━━[:*Serendipity* Walking with Style:]━━━━━━━━☣




*Serendipity* Jennifer Dress with Hud of 10 colors!!

Simple but Elegant is what this silky soft dress is. The soft curves, the gentle flow around the hips as your body moves around the dance floor....or out alone enjoying the summer breeze as it caresses you, teasing your lover with thoughts of more to come...♥

This sweet item comes in many sizes to fit just about any mesh body (but like all mesh bodies are different in may need to Tweek a bit. 📷).

 ☣━━━━━━━[:*Serendipity* Walking with Style:]━━━━━━━━☣

Classic body w/ Alpha
*Slink (Hourglass, Physique)*
*Maitreya Lara*
*Belleza (Isis, Freya, Venus)*

If you are excited about where to find this luscious dress....please take the landmark below to the "Fashion Dazzle May Event" that is going on now! 

*ALSO* Serendipity has more than just this lovely item up for sale! 

So....while there grabbing "JENNIFER" grab some more for your won't be disappointed by this Creator!

☣━━━━━━━[:*Serendipity* Walking with Style:]━━━━━━━━☣

  ☣━━━━━━━[:*Serendipity* Walking with Style:]━━━━━━━━☣

*Fashion Dazzle Landmark*


*Serendipity* Landmarks*



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