Wednesday, May 3, 2017

[PU] Pin Up Tattoo & Style - Fashion Dazzle May Event

(Inspired by the seductive actress Gloria Swanson)


📷📷📷📷[PU] Pin Up Tattoo & Style 📷📷📷📷

 "Film Noir Fashion"

This Exclusive Silky creation outfit is Designed by the lovely Helena Barrows
(the owner of)
📷📷📷📷 [PU] Pin Up Tattoo & Style 📷📷📷📷
Come over to the Fashion Dazzle and grab one of these Seductive gowns with heels to match....and a few more items from [PU] while there :) and then take a landmark as you won't want to miss any of Fashion Dazzle's next months sexy items.

•❇•~•❇•~•❇DOVE DAZZLE FASHIONS❇•~•❇•~•❇•


📷📷📷📷 [PU] Pin Up Tattoo & Style 📷📷📷📷


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