Monday, March 27, 2017

Midnight mania board at 7 deadly to everyone!!!!

For every guy that wants a free nice group tag needed!

7 Deadly skins men's MIDNIGHT MANIA board is OPEN to everyone that like to hit it...So if you need a nice skin...please go hit this...its at 35/250...and hit it daily if you can! :)

When you land, got into the MEN's department and under the stairs is the mania board and also a no group letter chair and also a no group mini mania board to hit...if you join you can hit the rest of them too... memberships is 225L

Ladies come help the guys that do hit it win a skin! you can always toss yours away but then some clubs do a "switcheroo" theme where you get to wear a men's skin and here is a FREE nice one for you! :)


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