Friday, January 6, 2017

Dove Fashion has gone HOLLYWOOD!




I had the opportunity to sneak into Second Life and grab some photos of the newest theme at THE DAZZLE FASHION store… 


I love the old theater…. The black and white movies that made you cry, sing, laugh and hide under your pillows while you watched what happened next on the big screen. 

This Theme is such a fun one to have at the beginning of January. The new place that Dove Fashion Dazzle had created is a wonderful building of talent and charm. 

Sadly, I wish that Santa had brought me a new Computer, then Baking supplies as I can not get close to the building to take a lot of pictures of the surroundings and inside…But I was able to zoom and took some pictures to show you how LOVELY it was inside…

If your on Second Life today…drop by THE DOVE FASHION DAZZLE store and take a peak at all the lovely items inside for you to slip into your inventory and take your imagination away on a while ride that only the “Old” Black and white HOLLYWOOD Movies can do….

You won’t be disappointed!! 




**FASHION DAZZLE** Enjoy shopping while you Dazzle!!

Event theme: HOLLYWOOD, Strike a Pose! 

Take the TP to this Fabulous Event and when you land...Please join group *DOVE DAZZLE FASHION* group to keep updated on events coming each month!





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