Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I was asked and also was honored to blog for this wonderful store.

Not only is it filled to bursting with awesome up to date Items some even included MESH APPLIERS for our Mesh Bodies for FREE - but they have an array of SHOES, WOMAN'S CLOTHING, MEN'S CLOTHING, HAIR and even JEWELLERY all for free!

There is also a Posing backdrop put up so if you like to stand at it and take pictures of yourself in your newest items you have collected...and which you can try on in their "change rooms". There is no need to leave and come back to get more.

So, stay and look at everything there...give yourself plenty of time as they is LOTS to see!

I noticed there was an upstairs to this place too...so walked up and saw a Gacha machine, and also a little corner that sells some items ranging from 50L to 125L, hair and also clothing.

If you go through the red doors you will be brought out into their gorgeous park-like setting just outside their main door. Quiet and peaceful to sit and have a coffee before entering the store again for more handful of goodies.

This blog will have many pictures as it was just too nice a place not to capture every inch of it...I also put on one of the FREE gown called "flower dreams Dalila in gold" and added a Free sunhat from "Prism puanani sun hat special edition with hud"  and Jewellery from "Lazuri cocoa island of violets" jewellery set...



A large view of the Store from the Enterance

Here is were you JOIN the Group and also Rules of how to Behave....very easy to follow...KEEP clothing on... :D

What a great selection of JEWELLERY...yes FREE!
Lots to see!!! Some even for the men to dress up nice for Second Life!
Teleport to CHANGE ROOMS....
Lovely FREE Gowns.....
Remember to grab some FREE Shoes!
Lots of hair to choose from...yep FREE

If you don't have a home to go to when logging on, Free Dove lets you set their place to home. Just join the FREE Group~
You can find this store up stairs...prices range from 50L to 125L
Into Gacha machines? They have one too!
Say cheese! and snap away some cute photos for your Profile page.
More Freebie goodies!



Here are some of the Freebies....be sure to collect before they change their inventory around  <3



Here is a FREE LIMO for your comfortable ride to this Awesome Store! and remember to get a landmark once there...You will want to come back often!!!

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