Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gorgeous skin from NOYA!

Sometimes it pays to give a review. :)

The NOYA group last month said if we commented on a purchase, we would receive a FREE skin on April 1st.  A gorgeous"**NOYA** OPHELIA.  This skin came with a bonus skin also - both are OPHELIA and both are so sexy!  This skin will be worn often. Such pretty makeup on this skin, no one can resist putting her on and taking on the Second Life town. :)


Nyte'N'Day - Tiz Bikini Top - Flush
Nyte'N'Day - Tiz Bikini Bottoms - Flush
(SP)  Earring (left)
(SP)  Earring (right)
HAIR - [e] Early - Black 04
SKIN - **NOYA** OPHELIA - Ivory Platinum Skin & Soft Make Up
*Bliss Couture* Realistic Eyes (Blue)

 KaTINK - At the Beach Pack
1. Beach #5
2 Beach #3. (same background for #3)

1.  The Muse Poses - Seduction 03
2.  aDORKable Poses Floored 3
3.  aDORKable Poses Floored 2

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