Monday, March 18, 2013

So many Skin Shops....So little Time....

This past week I was delighted to go to the SKIN FAIR in Second Life.  I was floored on how  many great shops showed up to entice us with they wonderfully crafted skins and shapes. (Some were even for men!)

As I will add to this post more pictures to show off what great Skins Shops were there, I have made one that I wish had been there.

This little place is called GAALL SKINS.  I had picked up a skin and shape combo that added hair and also a cute little dress with sexy black boots!

Here is the Landmark for you to go see this awesome little shop that I will be happy to return back to...Often!

Britney - Complete Avitar from Gaall Skins
This Complete Avatar is called BRITNEY - and the biggest BONUS I can say is this complete set was only 299L!!!  I will add Skin pictures also....

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