Wednesday, March 13, 2013

THE VIDEO DOME - A must See in Second Life!

Hello there,

I am enjoying looking  through my pictures I took to show you some glimpse of Second Life Club life.

One place I recommend highly is the VIDEO DOME that has a live DJ and also MUSIC VIDEO'S to watch all around you while you dance for 2 hours single with other friends or in your lovers arms.

This collage picture is of my last time at the Dome. As I have slow internet now I missed this months wonderful videos. (pouting).

Here is the link for the in-world THE Video Dome, and its on every THURSDAY night 8pm - 10pm SLT

This link will take you to one of my favorite places in SL  - THE KISSING BOOTH. I worked there for many years at a HOSTESS, and some day soon to return. They are always looking for DJ and Hosts so apply if you like to work at a great place :)

On Thursday's that link will take you directly to the VIDEO DOME.

Here is a picture of my latest night there...What fun I had!!

 With me is my Sweetheart Phred.  I love when we dance together at the Dome. On the Couple dance ball, (you can pick any dances that you like - as you can see I enjoy the close kissing dances) lol.

Hope you take the time to check out this place, so that you will too have a great time watching Music Videos while you dance away the night...

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