Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Please meet my hubby Phred. :)

Hi there,

My name is Victoria Coronet - but please call me Vicky. I love posting pictures up on my Facebook wall and was asked many times to make a Blog so others can enjoy them too that are not in my little circle of freinds on there.

WELL, here is my first attempt at it...I have never blogged before. I love chatting, and I can tell you more than you ever need to know when asking me a question lol.

Here is my first pictures I would like to post on my Blog.  I made sure that my husband Phred was right at the top of my pictures.  Love you Sweetheart <3

This is my adorable sweet husband Phred. The man that gives my life meaning. Without his support and encouraging, I would be lost. You will see him often in my photos from Second Life as he is so darn sexy! :)

With my travels around Second Life and my work as a Hostess I have met many people all across the world. And many have become my long time friends :) I enjoy my time on SL with shopping, Hunting and taking pictures :).

May you find my photos I post as enjoyable as I do...Take care and visit often!

And if you like to see my FaceBook page for more pictures and info...here is my link :)


Have a great day!!

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